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Hydrosols are waters of flowers, herbs, and plants. Lotus water is a hydrosol (less concentrated) while blue lotus essential oil is strong. Similarly, there are many flowers and plant waters used for skin and hair care. Hydrosols are like essential oils, but they are not concentrated. The extraction of hydrosol is by distilling fruits, flowers, leaves, and plants. The properties of hydrosol are somewhat similar to essential oils. The only difference is they are made, from water-soluble parts. They are not oil-based. The watery property makes it a good supplement or therapy for acne-prone and oily skin. They retain the original fragrance of the raw material but on a lighter note.

Essential oil Company manufactures hydrosol at its unit by applying the steam distillation process.  The plants are put in a steam distillery for extraction. Hot steam is allowed to enter the steam distillery, which releases the extracts from the plants, flowers, fruits, or herbs.  The mixed steam with the botanicals goes to the distillery’s top.  The steam that rises and settles on the top after getting in contact with the cool air, forms into a liquid. This liquid is then collected through a tube.  The essential oil and the water i.e hydrosol are separately collected.  The oil floats on the tops of the extract where it is skimmed to make essential oil. The water that settles is collected as hydrosol

Uses of hydrosol

  • Hydrosol is used in various ways and is water-soluble. Hydrosols can be used to prepare newer facial and aromatic recipes for misting and spraying. It is used in making soaps, scents, toners, facial sprays, deodorant spray, anti-itching spray, car freshers, meditation/mind cooling spray, mosquito or insect repellents, garment freshener, men's aftershave, pain reliever, body sprays, room sprays, or fresheners, hair-care, baby wipes, finger bowls, face masks and many more. Indian essential oils are many with a strong fragrance and, so are the hydrosols.
  • Many facial recipes are made, using hydrosols. Beauty salons prepare face masks, by using hydrosol manufactured by us, instead of water, to enhance the face mask property. Aromatherapists, who buy aromatherapy oils online from Essential oil company, prepare room fresheners with hydrosols for spraying.
  • There is no limit on hydrosol use and can be applied as many times on the skin. Just like rose water refreshes and cools the skin, different hydrosols have different therapeutic properties.
  • Some hydrosols are also used in culinary preparation as they have immense medicinal properties. Just like external cleansers, they help in clearing the body internally.

Essential oils and hydrosol

Pure Indian sandalwood oil or Indian sandalwood fragrance oil are concentrated forms used for spiritual growth while sandalwood hydrosol calms the irritation and works wonders on the skin. Rose attar essential oil and rose water works differently, the former is used as a perfume while the other is applied to the skin. Orange blossom essential oil and orange blossom water have unique properties. The latter is normally used in aromatherapy, as a beauty product in the toner, as a cooking material in bakery products such as cakes, muffins, pastries for its citrus strong tempting smell. We offer genuine and pure hydrosols without any element of chemicals present in them.

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