R. K. Essential Oils Company is pleased to bring forth a huge array of Aromatherapy Products, Flower Essences, Traditional Indian Attar, and Organic Essential Oils. Considering the market demand of pure and effective oils, we own state of the art distillation plants to extract the Therapeutic Essential Oils. We understand both the qualitative and quantitative needs of the customers thus; provide hygienically processed oils that are known for their superlative features. Owing to our rich experience and expertise, we are able to cater a wide variety of 100% Pure Essential Oils in Global market. We provide quality assurance from Indian Government Laboratory.

With our hard teamwork and robust infrastructure, we aim to meet the requirements of clients within stipulated timeframe. We have advanced technological tools to manufacture Essentials Oils in bulk. Our Basil Oil, Cardamom Oil, Citronella Oil, Lavender Oil, Nutmeg Oil, etc. consist of various medicinal properties due to which they are high on demand in international market. In addition to the above, we are recognized as one of the most renowned Sandalwood Oil Exporters and Suppliers in the country.

After a large Experience in domestic market our Company presents our all unique products for wholesale & retails in worldwide market.
Since long ancient times ‘Essential Oils Company’ are engaged in manufacturing & Supply of Essential oils, Concretes, Solvent Extracts, Natural Compounds & Attars.
We have our own distillation plants in many places in India.

Our Founder

Our founder Late Mr. R. K. Tandon started a small business in 1975. He struggled for the whole life to give an unique place to RK (Our Company). In the beginning we came distillation field of Sandalwood oil and after three years we started works on Natural Essential oils. First, we established our factory in Assam for the manufacturing of essential oils & worlds rare products Aquilaria agallocha. Others names of Aquilaria agallocha are Agar wood, Oud, Gaharu, Eagle wood etc. We also distill Patchouli oil, Citronella (Java), Lemongrass etc. Our MD Mr. Ashish Tandon has a lot of confidence & knowledge for inventing new products. He works hardly to provide best products to the customers. We have also a unit in Kannauj hometown for distillation of Hydrosol products & others essential oils like clove oil, marigold, and Basil oil more and more. We have also made many Attars and we have been exporting these products for many years with getting Testimonial of appreciation by our worldwide buyers. Please try our products sample - buy online shop, we are confident that you can never ignore our product's importance in your needs.

Our goal is to fulfill the needs and preference of our customers. We look forward to being your partner. Quality is the most important factor that is always safeguarded almost at every stage. The interesting process of our manufacturing the right type of raw products involves hard work and enormous experience. We have a highly qualified team of quality control that selects only premium quality products worldwide.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the success of any organization. Keeping this in mind, we have constructed a robust Infrastructure that is well furnished with all kinds of equipments to extract finest Perfume Essential Oils such as Chamomile Oil, Jasmine Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Cardamom Seed Oil, and many more.

We have an experienced team that comprises of experienced professionals of Agricultural Industry. They guide us in every aspect of Production, Packaging, and Distribution. Besides, we have proficient administrators and other allied workers to meet the productions’ requirements.

We have nurtured a formidable network that is spread not only in India but also in international market. Our network has enabled us in timely and prompt delivery of Essential Oils and Attars to the customers. Consequently, we are renowned as one of the prominent Jasmine Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.