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Welcome to Essential Oils Company. A place where the production chain is characterized by quality and value. 

Who We Are?

The Essential Oils Company produces and distributes essential oils, concretes, natural compounds, solvent extracts, attars, as well as items made from Indian agarwood and sandalwood. Additionally, we keep growing our manufacturing space to accommodate the rising demand for wholesale pure natural oils.

Our Story

In 1975, the founder, Mr. R. K. Tandon (in blessed memory), launched Essential Oils Company. We initially entered the distillation of sandalwood oil, and three years later, we began working on essential oils. First, we built a facility in Assam to produce Aquilaria Agallocha, (A.K.A - Agarwood, Oud, Gaharu, Eaglewood), one of the world's rarest products, as well as essential oils. Additionally, we distill lemongrass, patchouli oil, and citronella (from Java). We also have a unit in our hometown of Kannauj for the increasing distillation of other essential oils, such as clove oil, marigold oil, and basil oil. We also produce a lot of attars, and our company has been distributing these goods for a long time with positive feedback from our clients around the world.

Our Mission

EOC has a mission to provide authentic purists with the finest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products that are 100% natural, therapeutic-grade, and botanical. Here, you can find oils of extraordinary quality that have been distilled using the old-fashioned process. All of our essential oils are 100 percent pure steam distilled, free of carrier oils, alcohol, and other synthetic ingredients, and they have the authentic and wonderful scent of their natural source.

Our Goal

Our goal is to meet the demands and desires of our consumers. We are eager to work with you as partners. The most crucial aspect that is always protected is quality, and we work extremely hard to maintain it throughout our production procedures. Our fascinating process of producing the appropriate raw materials calls for a lot of effort and vast experience. 

How We Intend to Achieve That?

  • Top-notch infrastructures - We have modern steam distillation facilities for several Indian essential oils, along with cold-pressing equipment for carrier oils.
  • Quality control production process - We carry out the following procedures in our facility:
    • Drying, chopping & grinding
    • Sorting and washing
    • Sterilization
    • Hydro-and steam distillation
    • Cold pressing 
    • Customized blending
    • Nitrogen capping
    • Bottle Labelling
  • Lab testing - Our sophisticated testing facilities enable us to be flexible and provide excellent products.
  • Standard storage - Our storage facilities ensure that high standards of quality are maintained not only during our production process but also throughout the storage conditions.

Our Team

Our team comprises essential oil experts who have years of expertise and have attended comprehensive training. They are devoted to our vision of fostering a dependable and holistic lifestyle and are sincerely committed to it.


We have been able to take advantage of a broad and well-established network of industry experts that not only stretches over India's borders but also around the globe, thanks to our in-depth understanding of essential oils as well as the rules governing their creation. 


We mustn't depart without appreciating the value of your contribution. We are all in this together. As a result, we value every contribution on your side to maintain this vision.
We encourage you to taste our products before purchasing since we are sure you won't be able to discount the value of our products in meeting your needs.

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