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Absolute oil is costlier than pure organic essential oils. It is because the extraction method of an absolute oil is highly complicated compared to essential oils. The aroma from the absolute oil is close to the original plant than the aroma from the Indian essential oils. The absolute essential oils extracted by us are in safe, pure, and hygienic conditions. We guarantee they are in the purest form, best for mind, body, and soul.

The absolute oil should not be applied directly to the skin as it is very strong. It must be diluted as per the instructions or as guided by a beautician or aromatherapist. A wonderful aromatherapy experience is derived from absolute oils as they are extracted from some of the rarest and sacred plants found around the world.

The steam distillation process is applied to extract essential oils, while our manufacturing unit, extracts absolute oil with the best effective methods like solvent extraction or enfleurage. It is done to extract oil from delicate raw materials like a lotus. This is because there are chances the flowers to get destroyed or damaged in steam distillation or pressing method.

The chemical solvents used in the process of extraction of oil are removed, at the last stage. A small amount of solvent may at times be found, in the absolute oil. Like essential oils, even absolute oils has a fragrance but, the concentration level is too high. A small drop of absolute oil makes an immense difference and goes a long way. We will find the best aromatic absolute oil on our website “Essential oils company” to buy absolute essential oils. The oil is stored in a dark-colored bottle to avoid heat. Also, when the oil gets exposed to air, there are chances of it getting evaporated.  

Essential and Absolute oils

Unlike essential oils, absolute oils are not taken internally for related risks consuming them. The solvent present in the final oil might hurt the body, hence, it is for external use only. 

Some of the absolutes are sometimes categorized, like essential oils. Unless, it is written on the product that they are extracted, using a solvent, they are considered to be essential oils. We are an Essential oils company that are exclusively essential oils wholesale suppliers, guaranteeing the best deal in absolute oil.

Absolute oil types

Blue lily absolute: The essence of the blue lily gives extreme calmness and soothes nerves. It is very famous in massage oils. A few drops of blue lily absolute oil must be added to the carrier oil and then applied.

Red lily absolute: It is a rare plant and has a mild aroma than the blue lily.  It helps in creating a wonderful meditation atmosphere with its mild soothing fragrance when added to a diffuser. The effects of the oil are felt instantly. It cools the mind and creates a spiritual aura around.

Rose Absolute: Derived from the damask rose petals, this concentrated rose oil is in good demand in perfumery. Due to the extraction method, it is extracted, oil stands unique. It gives an original rose aroma and, the process retains the originality. 

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