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Indian Attars

Attar or Ittar is a Persian term derived from 'attar', 'otto' or 'ottar', meaning perfume, aroma, fragrance, scent, or essence. The earliest reminiscence of perfume-making in India can be trailed back to 'Brihat Samhita'— an encyclopaedia written by a 6th-century astronomer, mathematician astrologer named by the philosopher Varahamihi-ra residing in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The natural perfume heritage of  our country is very much related to the chronicles of Kannauj— a small town situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. The city links the legacy of Itra from the medieval times to the present through the Mughal era and Awadh Riyasa. Due to the critical role played by Kannauj in Attar production, the city is fondly referred to as the perfume capital of India. Kannauj is to India what Grasse is to France.

Attar is distinct from Essential Oil; Latter is an authentic concoction of herbal & vegetable oils. Attar can be termed as fragrant compounds extracted from these natural essential oils, herbs, and spices. It is a vintage-world perfumery. Entrenched in Latin per and fume (through smoke), perfume culture commenced with humans grinding and infusing fragrant botanicals extracts directly into oil or water. Contemporary perfumery uses alcohol as a carrier or solvent for the apparent reason that it is economical, inert and quickly diffused. But Indian Attars available Online with us are made from the pure Indian sandalwood oil, making them insinuating and highly absorbent. All hydro distilled products, such as Agarwood oil, Rose, Kewda, Jasmine, Lotus, and Wintergreen, can be made into Attar. With sandalwood oil being the base for preparation, Attars are 100% Alcohol-Free Fragrances. These are natural perfumes for everyday use and are not detrimental to health as alcohol. A tiny droplet trickled on the wrist or the back of the ear, and fragrance seeps into the skin and often stays for days.

Equally appealing to both men and women, Indian attars available online with us carry androgynous quality to them. They have strong floral, woody, musky, smoky, green or leafy notes. Also, trotted out by season, Attar perfumes available online to buy can be both warm with high notes of cloves, cardamom, saffron, oud essence, and cooling due to the presence of jasmine, pandan, vetiver, marigold extracts. Indian Attar communicates with the soul. The entire manufacturing process, involving smoke and fire in a tiny space, may seem chaotic at the outset, but it's also realistic and magnificent. We bet that one can't replicate this magical ambience even inside a sophisticated perfumery lab somewhere in Europe.

Since medieval times, Asian & Middle Eastern People have frequently used attars— a practise that is now being whole heartedly imbibed by the western world. If you are looking for natural perfumes, we suggest buying attar perfume online from us as these are natural scents. We guarantee that our attars will give you the pure fragrance of Nature. Packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles, they are appropriate for all skin types, making them 100% safe to use. They are also useful in treating various skin conditions, besides being used in different cosmetics to enhance skin tone and texture.

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