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Carrier Oil


We, Essential oils company – essential oils wholesale supplier deals in Carrier oils and suggests utilizing them to lessen the concentration of essential oil. They are mixed with essential oils to lower the power of essential oil before applying them on skin and hair. There are chances essential oils might irritate the skin. Carrier oils may or may not be scented. Also, they never interfere with the medicinal properties of essential oil. Carrier oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, fenugreek oil and almond oil are high in demand and can be used alone for treating and nourishing the skin. Our experts believe oils that are specifically for cosmetic use should not put to use as a carrier oil, rather opt for pure products manufactured by us. However, some of the edible oils are adopted as a carrier oil, wherein the approach is correct. Choosing the right carrier oil is crucial for any essential oil. When customers buy essential oils online in India, they must check its genuineness, before adding carrier oil to it. Else it will be a waste of money. 

We provide carrier oils obtained from cold pressing, as it is believed, the nutrients remain intact. The heat takes away the necessary nutrients and minerals from the oil. We suggest you buy carrier oil online from us as it is cold-pressed. Cold-pressed oil retains its natural medicinal and beneficial qualities intact. Also, if you want to buy aromatherapy oils online, get it from a reputed or authorised brand like us, to avoid duplicate products.

Normally massage oils are made by combining essential oils with carrier oils. The medicinal properties of the essential oils are potent to cause skin irritation. Essential oils company suggests 0.5 to 1 per cent dilution for young children and 2.5 per cent for adults. 

The well-known Indian essential oils that are mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, for a greater benefit, are mentioned below:

  • Cardamom essential oil is good for muscle spasms, asthma and cramps. It is applied, by diluting it in a carrier oil for headaches, the common cold. It has a lot of antimicrobial and antifungal properties that help in overcoming any infections. 
  • Nutmeg oil India is best for painful muscles, regulating the menstrual cycle, treating cold and cough, minor lung problems. A small of nutmeg oil in a diffuser spreads nice aroma around and uplifts the mood. Adding a few drops of nutmeg oil to carrier oil should be applied to the affected painful areas to get relief from muscle pain. The oil is a very good supplement for skin and hair. A tremendous positive effect is seen on the hair quality and texture. 

Normally people buy carrier oil online from us, but they face problems in using them in their daily life. We suggest you follow the simple tips mentioned below for an easy application. 

  • Certain carrier oils have a strong smell or odour. Hence while mixing an essential oil (having a nice fragrance or aroma) with a carrier oil, do not go for strong ones. 
  • Not all carrier oils are suitable to everyone, hence select them according to the skin type. Some carrier oils absorb quickly while some do not. 
  • The life of the carrier oils is usually long hence they can be mixed and stored for long.

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