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Super fast shipping and very helpful customer service made this purchase an excellent experience. Communication was good and the product arrived safely and quickly. I'm very happy and want to particularly thank Amit for such wonderful customer service.

Posted by -- Teresa

Dear Amit,
I recieved your package, very good service, A++, very happy!
I read all the comments on your website, they are good, that was a big influence in my trust, so I wrote & asked why I would want to spend more on your "Koh-i-Noor", I never paid more than $250.00 what makes yours $50. more, what puts yours on top, you sent an answer within hours & explained the quality is good because it is made using 30-35 year old "incense grade" wood. I have other "incense grade" oudhs, some are good, others I'm not so sure I'm no professional though. I figured from your customer comments it might be something good. I ordered your "Koh-i-Noor" your D.Super, & Super grade oudh oils. I recieved my order today only 8 days after payment, thank you.
I opened your Super & D.Super oudhs first, these are very good quality, they don't give you that first slap in the face fecal barnyard scent, they are smooth but still Hindi barnyard oudhs, as nice as any other comment you read about. I put a very little on different parts of my arm & I still can smell them.
I hoped your "Koh-i-Noor" would be good, I opened the bottle & could tell right away this is a special Hindi oudh. this is an amazing oil! I have some good Hindi oudhs your "Koh-i-Noor" is 'top shelf' I can try to describe the scent, out of the bottle it was carmel sweet, balsamic, smokey, on the skin it had a little piney, pepper background. After a while it starts getting a nice sweet incensey scent, what surprised me, I was busy a few hours later I noticed it reminded me of a new box of good incense, I still have that fresh incense smell. That's my best description in words, this is as close as I'll ever come to royalty.
I understand what you mean about "Incense Grade Wood", thank you for this special oil, "all your Oudh Oils are very good quality" Thank You,
Posted by -- Kevin D.

I just received a sample from Amit today of his experimental 'special' distillation. It is indeed just that: special!
That dude just distilled himself an oil that can easily stand tall and proud on the shelves of quality oud top oud seller. Sweet and deeply balsamic. The sweetness is tempered with a slightly spicy almost camphorous edge, and it is unmistakably a Hindi oud. Rich, buttery, supple...I can only imagine what time will do for this oud because it is already quite amazing.
I want to add...After spending a few days with Hind Koh-i-Noor, I've been able to narrow down a few of the more prominent notes; Ambery caramel, soft powdery vanilla, sweet toasted red oak, spicey anise, moist soil, sun-bleached hay. Singling out notes was a little difficult because the whole scent profile of this oud is so complex and seemless that I would contantly get lost in the journeys this fragrance this fragrance took me.
Posted by -- Manuel Cross

Eu já fiz algumas compras, com outros fornecedores de óleos essenciais. Até conhecer a RK. Foi aqui que encontrei produtos honestos, de alta qualidade, com preços bastante competitivos. Além de um atendimento de primeira linha, com muita simpatia e informações. Eu estou realmente muito satisfeito e recomendo a todos que querem uma excelência em produtos, preços e atendimento. Parabéns à RK Essential Oils Company!
Posted by -- Mr. Branco, Brazil.
A very professional service by RK sons and Amit in particular. I was very impressed with the quality and potency of the Double Super Grade Wild Assam Oud. It is by far the best Assam Oud I have tried in recent years. I suppose that is down to the fact that the oil comes straight from a reputable distillery instead of the many Oud retailers that provide oils that have been cut. The Oud oil of a very high grade, very smooth on the skin, with a potency that would last all day even with the most tiniest amount. This is an ideal product for those Assam Oud lovers that like the course (barnyard) experience of a pure Assam. The quality of the oils is not only limited to the Oud, but can also be found in the Sandalwood oil. The sample I received was of a very high grade and very potent. Another good product by RK Sons. My order arrived via FedEx within three working days. The package was well protected and the products were well presented. I have no hesitation in recommending RK Sons for your Assam Oud needs.
Posted by -- Faisal Dean, UK

I recently purchased several essential oils from this website, and had a very good experience. The communication was unprecedented, and the owners are very trustworthy. The essential oils I received are extremely high quality. This was my first chance to experience Sandalwood that came directly from the manufacturer, and it was well worth the extra time it took to receive it. Though, considering it came to me in Colorado all the way from India, it was a very fast delivery. I've had local shipping take longer!
Over all, this was a very wonderful experience, and I will be ordering from them as long as I'm still making perfume.
Posted by -- Shayne, USA

Dear Amit, A most pleasant experience doing business with you. Everything from the first contact to the final reception of your product was very nice. Your expertise and time consuming help were above reproach. The Double Super Oil is of first rate and not to be missed by people who love Oud oil. It is first rate, supremely good, and the best Hindi oil I have used in years. I would recommend this oil to anybody who loves true Hindi Oud. The transaction went smoothly and was received on time and in good condition even with the security checks while in transit. The truly beautiful glass bottle to hold the oil was a welcome extra not expected. Your sample of Agarwood chip is some of the best I have ever used, will most definitely be ordering some soon. The whole process was a delight. Thank you for bringing this fantastic oil and wood to us. Your customer service is excellent and I am very happy with my purchase. Looking forward to our next meeting.
Posted by -- Customer, New Mexico, USA

Dear Amit,
I would like to express my gratitude and many thanksfor a wanderful experience,I really admire the accuracy and ur care in dealing with customers, though it was the first time to order from you even though it was a sample, I recieved the best treatment and attention.I recieved my sandal wood oil even before the estimated time,It was of an excellant quality and I really loved it.Thanks a lot and looking forward to deal with u again hopefully soon.
Best regards and wish you all the best, Keep it up.
Posted by -- Mrs. Amal, Egypt

I've just received RK Sons latest distillation of DS oud and, as usual I am highly satisfied. This oil is different than the last two batches I have purchased, but it stands up in its own right. It's definitely muskier, and its tenacity surpasses past DS ouds I have sourced from RK & Sons. With some ageing, I can forsee this oil will become something special. Definitely an oil worth sampling for the oud connoiseur!
Posted by -- Mr. Khalil, Australia

Dear Amit, I liked all products that I ordered from you. Your sandalwood is very good for it's price. Attar Gill was the best considering I tried before. Also I liked the Gul Hina and I want to try your other Indian Attars too. About the Assam ouds.. I really liked both of two. Thanks for everything.
Posted by -- Customer, Istanbul

Hello Mr. Tandon, I have received my order, and would like to thank you for your excellent service and products. The double grade Agarwood oil is amazing, it is different from what I am used to buying the Gulf. I would like to thank you for an excellent experience, and would like to tell you that you have gained a new customer. Thank you,
Posted by -- A Customer from Jordan

It is a wonderful experience with R K sons & Company both in the purchasing process as well as the products they sell. I will keep coming back for more of their wonderful agarwood and sandalwood chips and powders and the wonderful oils I enjoy them every day!
Thanks for bringing such great gifts of god to us!
Posted by -- Charles Lee

Dear Amit, Thank you for your phone call follow up, as I mentioned
your sandalwood oil is of a very nice quality and grade.
This has worked well for our standards, and I am looking forward
to do future business with you and your company.
Kindest Regards,
Posted by -- Bruce, USA

RK's oil arrived very quickly and was packed with the utmost care. During the order process Mr. Tandon answered all my questions promptly and courteously, and did everything possible to make sure things went smoothly and according to schedule. It was a real pleasure to communicate with such a knowledgeable and dedicated gentleman. Thank you for such excellent customer service!
The oil is truly unique in my collection- there's not another Hindi like it! Many hours after application I can still smell it's unusual scent. Although I have some other Hindis in my collection, this one is truly memorable, and the price was very reasonable. Mr. Tandon even included a beautiful bottle with my order- a delightful and unexpected surprise!
I also received a lovely Majmua attar which I highly recommend. Anybody who loves vetiver is sure to enjoy RK's Majmua.
Thank you, Mr. Tandon!
Posted by -- Customer New York

I must say a big Thank you to all at the Essential Oils Company for a truly outstanding experience. From first contact right up until the delivery came through my door. It really has been an astonishing service and one to most definitely remember. Living in the UK I have never experienced such enthusiasm and sheer devotion in providing an excellent customer service. You really have provided an incomparable overall satisfaction. I’m not an easy guy to work with as everything I do has to be questioned many times over to ensure a flawless outcome. However, before placing the order with Mr Tandon any doubts were washed away as my expectations were elevated. After sending the money all that was left was the outcome which when arrive was truly amazing. The made to order, hand crafted wooden boxes along with the remarkable Sandali Shamama perfume and the beautiful cute bottles it came in were literally more than what I had expected. It’s been an absolute pleasure in dealing with you and I can without any hesitation recommend you and am sure to order from you again. You have definitely gained a valuable customer for life. Thank you
Best wishes 
Posted by -- Alex Mills - London

I am very pleased with the RK and Sons Double Super Grade oud oil. It is
complex, tenacious, and really pleasant. I look forward to aging it a
little to see how it develops. Also, the B grade oud chips are wonderful.
These are probably the sweetest and mellowest chips I have burned to date.
Both oil and wood are a terrific value. My purchases arrived with generous
samples of jasmine absolute, shamama, khus, and sandalwood. Each is
splendid. Thanks for the attentive service as well.
Posted by -- Midwest USA Customer

“The oil is just beautiful. I can compare it with any excellent Assam
oil and it stands up. Considering the price that makes it even better.
It’s an outstanding buy and I must say RK Sons has fantastic customer
service. You will be well taken care of from start to finish. I
offer a total recommendation for RK Sons.”
Posted by -- Mr. Eric

Thanks Amit for the prompt shipment and quality product. Your oil arrived in the U.S. in less than a week, and the packaging was both attractive and carefully put together. I appreciated your excellent customer service (a personal call to confirm the order) and I feel the oil is an excellent buy for the money. The fragrance is rich and complex, and long-lasting. I especially enjoyed the aroma of the oil on my sleeve the next day after applying a small amount to my wrist - the aroma lasted on my sleeve for over 24 hours. I plan to purchase more of your products in the future, and I respect your high standards, integrity, and courtesy. Many thanks!
Posted by -- Mr. Marco, Oregon, USA

I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Double Super Assami oud that I received from R K Sons. It is an excellent example of Indian oud at an unbeatable price. Why pay $300 or $400 for oud that may not even be comparable in quality when oil like this is available for $85 ? I heartily recommend R K Sons' DS Indian to anyone who wishes to savour fine Assami oud...
Posted by -- Mr. Khalil

My order arrived in record time (3 days from India to the USA, wow!). The
presentation was well executed and professional.
Overall, RK & Sons is THE place to turn to for quality products. If Assam
oud is what you're looking for, RK & Sons' Double-Super grade oud is an
excellent representation of what the region has to offer.
This oud can easily stand up to some of the more expensive oils available
through companies such as Oriscent.

Also, the customer service cannot be beat! They obviously take pride in
their products, and that says alot about what they have to offer.
Thanks again, and I'll definitely be back again!
Posted by -- Mr. Manuel

Hello Amit, Thank you for the free samples you sent me. I particularly like the Oud chips , medium and high quality. A total value for some really excellent Oud. The Oud oil you sent me is also very nice and seems to represent a very classic Indian Oud scent loved by so many. I also enjoyed your Sandalwood. When I applied it I wasn't sure about its quality but after 30 seconds or so it began to open up and it evolved over the next hour into a very nice and definite quality Sandalwood that seems to be very hard to come by lately. The Ruh Khus was excellent as always. Thanks again for you kind generosity!,
Posted by -- Mr. Abu Hajar

I recently purchased your Wild Agarwood Oil, Double Super grade. I have
been pleasantly surprised at how well balanced and pleasant the aroma of
this oud is. There is a bit of wildness of the agarwood but it is balanced
by warm spices and an earthiness that is magnificent for an oil this young
and this reasonably priced. I am enjoying the oil very much. Thank you for
making this available to us. I look forward to trying some of your other
oils soon.
Posted by -- A Customer, Oklahoma, USA

What an excellent oil! And what great customer service! Thank you Amit, for making this a pleasurable transaction.

The scent is reminiscent of its earthly origin, woody and deep, the mark of a fine wild-harvested agarwood oil.
Due to some bad experience with Indian oils before, I was a bit hesitant at first to try this. I didn't quite know what to expect.
This oil turned out to be quite different from other Indian oils I bought in the past and quite unexpected. It was pleasant to smell straight from the bottle, which is something exceptional for Indian agarwood oils in my experience. There is a deep and rich spicy woodiness, which is the dominant tone of the fragrance. Need I even go over how long the smell lasts?

If you have had less-than-satisfactory experience with Indian Ouds in the past, I can definitely recommend R K Son's oil; it just might change your opinion on Indian Oud!
Posted by -- Mr. Taha

Thank you very much for your quick shipment of my order. I was very impressed with your oils. The Gul Hina is very lovely and delicate while the Sandali Shamama is powerful and an ideal fragrance for a man. Your Gill Attar does, indeed, have the fragrance of soil mixed with sandalwood. My favorite, though, was the Double Super Grade Agarwood Oil. This is really superb and is very reasonably priced; I have seen similar oil selling for many times your price.
I will be buying again from your site in the near future.
Posted by -- Mr. Robert

Ordered Assam Oud and got it in time and quality is amazing. Nice people to
deal with, honest, great service and support. Would recommend them anytime.
Posted by -- Mr. Hamzah

" It has been a fantastic experience working with Essential Oils Company (EOC). From initial contact to product delivery, the customer service has been incredible. The product was delivered faster than what I was expecting and was received in excellent condition. I look forward to continuing this business relationship with EOC in the future."
Posted by -- Mr. Eric

" I recently purchase the Double Super Agarwood oil and ws truly amazed by
the quality of the oil. In my past travels I have been to the Middle East &
Asia where I did purchase Oudh (Agarwood Oils) and in comparison this
product is indeed of a high-end quality. It smells awesome in the winter
months and lasts longer on the skin and clothes. More than anything else,
Mr. Amit Tandon was extremely courteous and put one at ease as you could
certainly shop with confidence. The products arrived safe at their
destination, and as described. I would certainly recommend RK Essential Oils to anyone who is seeking to experiment into the fragrant world of Agarwood oils".
Posted by -- Mr. Picardo, Canada

I am delighted with your service and your product. I truly am.
I have made my first batch of soaps up with the Beautiful Rose essential oil, I purchased from you and the perfume is heavenly.
I was very nervous placing my order as I have never imported anything before. Your staff was so helpful and reassuring all the way through and I received the product extremely fast.
Once again, Thank you very much.
Posted by- Mary, Australia

I must admit that when my husband said that he was going to buy a tola of Oud from a company in India, I thought his money might be making a one-way trip. Even if the Oud arrived, I was afraid that the money would be wasted if we didn't like it.
Well the Oud arrived, along with some wonderful Rose essential oil and sandalwood oil. My husband was happy, but more important for him, I was very happy! Our experience from buying Oud all over the world has been that this quality normally costs between two to fours times as much.

We thought that if the quality was good, but we didn't personally like the smell, that we would just share it with others who did. Since we both like it, maybe we will share the next tola. ;-)

Mr. Tandon was a joy to work with. He was very patient, and did more than he promised. His personal touch helped us to feel comfortable with the process. Thanks, RK. In our crazy world, it is nice to know that there are still people with integrity.


Posted by -- Tom and Marcia

I recently ordered a wide array of samples from RK – Essential Oils Company. As a trial I was testing the quality of their oils. I was delightful very pleased with all the samples. I felt that RK had perhaps one of the best qualities that define greatness in perfume. I tried samples of their 100% Super Grade AA Assam Oudh, 100 % Sandalwood Oil, Rooh-al Oudh (Agarwood Base Attar), Rose Sandal, Black Musk, and others. I was very pleased with will all their products as all of the products were 100 % pure without any synthetic byproducts. The scent and quality of all perfumes were far above superior. One of the perfumes I felt that was superior was the Super Grade AA Assam Oudh. I have used plenty of oudhs in the past, however, this Assam oudh smelled so luxuriously rich, spicy and earthy it felt as if it came out the tree just yesterday! Due to the excellent service, and top quality essential oils my company plans on adding RK & Sons Essential Oils to our products!
Posted by- Customer, NY USA

The agar wood oil I ordered from you came yesterday in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the oil was in a lovely decorative bottle, packed in a hand made wooden box with wonderful inlay. The presentation of the oil was really nice, but what was inside the bottle was even more incredible !! This agar wood oil is a great quality, it's warm & woody with an indefinable quality that I haven't experienced before. I have been buying agar wood oil from different distillers and wholesalers from many countries, but this agar wood oil from is in a league by itself. I highly recommend these good people to everyone. Try their oil one time and you'll see what I mean..
Posted by-- Customer, Idaho USA 

For the distiller in India e-mail:
Just introduce yourself and tell them you'd like to purchase 1 tola (12ml) of their "Double Super Grade Agar wood oil" and that you want to pay via Pay Pal.
1 tola is their minimum order and it should run about with very reasonable pricing.
Posted by -- Customer, California USA

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