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Agarwood and the world

Agarwood and the world

Agarwood Incense has always been an important medium in the promotion of cultural development. Arab merchants were searching for expensive agarwood when they came across pepper and cinnamon, which inspired them to the discovery of a whole series of cheaper herbs. Driven by the demand for prestigious incense, merchants made a lot of effort in developing inter-territorial trade, which led to the development of inter-territorial roads. 

Explorers started to discover new continents and new lands through "The Incense Trail", and "The Spice Route" were just as important as "The Silk Road" in promoting trade, communication, technological and cultural exchange in the East and the West.

Incense was used to produce perfumes, while spices were used in cooking. India exchanged incense and spices with silk. Incense, spices and silk had undoubtedly played a significant role in promoting global cultural development.

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