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Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne

Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne

Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne - Getting a pimple or acne has become very common, especially in teenagers and young adults. Acnes are pus-filled, painful bumps on the skin usually caused by the clogging of skin pores due to many factors. Even though many treatments are available in the market, Essential oils are one such natural solution that is seeing a huge demand due to their marvelous benefits in treating acne. Following this blog we have curated a list of Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne

Having acne has become a significant therapeutic, psychological, and social problem these days.  These conditions can occur due to many reasons such as pollution, hormones, allergies, and poor lifestyle. These conditions have become so common that over 80% of the teenage population suffers from it. These skin issues can be regulated by including essentials in your daily routines. 

Essential oils are known to have many great properties including anti-septic, anti-bacterial,, and inflammatory making them the most ideal solution to acne conditions. Even though essential oils are considered a great deal for acne, there might be a little chance that one could be sensitive to the essential oils and could worsen the condition if essential oils are used directly on the skin. So, we would recommend you dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil and do a patch test before using it on the skin. 

Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne & Zits -

The listed Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne, are often considered as an effective alternative to many OTC acne treatments due to their great therapeutic properties. 

1. Thyme Oil -

Thyme oil is highly preferred due to its amazing benefits in combating acne. Many researchers have stated that these oils can effectively kill acne-causing bacteria. Thanks to the presence of thymol, these potent essential oils have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects for treating acne conditions. 

2. Tea Tree Oil -

This therapeutic-grade oil is extracted from the seeds of tree plants through the process of steam distillation. These marvelous oils have become a go-to natural option for treating acne conditions because of their potential anti-inflammatory,  anti-septic, and anti-microbial qualities. In addition to this, on account of their exceptional wound-healing properties, they not only fight acne but also soothe pimples.      

3. Oregano Oil -

These Oils are derived from the leaves and flowers of oregano and have been tested as an acne-fighting essential oil with promising results. A study conducted in 2018 revealed that oregano oils are highly proficient in fighting two major acne-causing bacteria known as P. acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis. This research also revealed that oregano works better the Thyme oil in preventing future breakouts and tackling acne spots.

4. Clary Sage Oil -

Clary Sage Oil is considered another great Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne. These oils work as a marvelous natural remedy for treating acne and skin irritations. Through the regulation of the production of oil on the skin, they also help prevent breakouts. These marvelous oils are also seen to stop the spread of bacteria, and also reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety, and support hormonal balance all of which are the potential causes of acne. 

5. Lavender Oil -

Lavender oils are also considered very beneficial for soothing and nourishing the skin, treating acne, healing dry skin, and reducing the appearance of scars caused by acne.  A study conducted in 2016, also revealed the potential benefits of essential oil in tissue generation and collagen production that helps in scar treatment. 

6. Lemongrass Oil -

Lemongrass oil is derived through steam distillation from the leaves of the lemongrass plant. Using the topical diluted mixture of lemongrass oil could help to reduce acne-induced inflammation. These oils also have potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help control acne breakouts. 

7. Eucalyptus Oil - 

The cool and refreshing scented eucalyptus oil makes another great acne treatment. They are mostly used for soothing painful and inflamed types of acne in particular. According to a study conducted in 2012, eucalyptus could boost the water-holding capacity of the skin, and increase ceramide production, along with the skin barrier’s resilience. 

8. Bergamot Oil -

Bergamot oil is known to contain natural acne-soothing properties similar to lemongrass oil. These oils are also seen to have anti-inflammatory benefits which may help in reducing swelling and shrinking pimples. Due to this, these oils are quite beneficial in treating cystic acne and blackheads. 

9. Garlic Oil -

Garlic has been used as a potent acne medication throughout ancient and modern times. These oils have great dermatological potential in treating acne conditions and their breakouts. In addition to this,  due to their wound-healing and antimicrobial effects, they offer great benefits in psoriasis, alopecia areata, and fungal skin infections. 

10. Juniper Berry Oil -

Juniper Berry Oil is another potent name among the Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne that help combat acne conditions. These natural anti-septic, are enriched with anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties to fight acne-causing bacteria. Tese oils are also seen to soothe inflammation or redness on the skin.


Acne conditions have become quite common these days and affect over 10% of the world's population. Through this comprehensive guide,  we offered a closer look at the Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne, that help remove harmful bacteria, keep skin pores clear, and promote healing during acne conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the "Top 10 Essential Oils for Acne"

Question 1. How can we incorporate essential oils for treating acne?

Answer 1. You can definitely use essential oils in various ways like diffusion, mist, bath oil, and many others but according to us topical applications work the best to treat acne conditions. But please dilute the essential oil and do a patch test before using it. You can use the given recipe. 

  • 1 tablespoons of coconut oil 
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 
  • 20 drops of tea tree essential oils
  • Leave this concoction on the face for several minutes, and then rinse it off gently. 
Question 2. Which essential oils are considered best for treating acne?

Answer 2, Tea tree essential oil is considered quite powerful in fighting acne issues due to its great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Question 3. Which people should avoid using essential oils without consulting a doctor?

Answer 3. The following propel should consult a reputed doctor before using essential oils. 

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women 
  • Children below 12 years
  • People having health concerns like low immunity, high blood pressure, or epilepsy
  • Older adults 

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