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The Magic of Absolute Essential Oils

The Magic of Absolute Essential Oils

Humankind is blessed with five sense organs. The nose is one of the most sensitive of all the senses that you have. Researchers have shown that scent has a direct connection with the mood of an individual. Have you ever realized that when you meet a person who smells good, you immediately like them? Or, your mood suddenly elevates when you sniff the earthy smell of the rain or the salty scent and sandy scent of the ocean. That is how powerful the sense of smell can be. 

Absolute essential oils are the concentrated extractions of plants. They are high in aroma and scent, making them different from the regular essential oils. They are not distilled and are mostly used to make perfumes because of their thick consistency and high quality. Let's get to know a little more about them. 

Absolute OIl

Uses of absolute essential oils

Absolute essential oils are known for their high concentration levels. The regular essential oils are the lighter versions of the absolute essential oils. But the uses of both are almost the same. Like regular essential oils, absolute essential oils are used in aromatherapy and treat many other health-related ailments. 

Due to its pure and thick consistency, it is used by perfumers in the making of perfumes. They are more expensive than the other essential oils in the market. They should be diluted before using or applying to bare skin because the high concentration can damage the outer layer of the skin.

Absolute oil use

Health benefits of rose absolute essential oil

Absolute essential oils are used to attain many health benefits. One of the most popular absolute oil is the one that is extracted from the rose. Blending few drops of it with any carrier oil will not only help in uplifting your mood but will also help in relieving menstrual-related issues. It is also known to ease anxiety and menopause-related issues. This therapeutic oil works best for people suffering from stress and depression.

Some exotic absolute essential oils

Apart from the rose absolute oil, the aroma market is filled with a wide range of exotic oils. Just a single sniff will take to you to cloud 9. Maybe even above. Let's get to know about some other absolute essential oils.

  • Lavender

The absolute lavender oil has a stronger smell than the normal essential oil. It is used to make face serums, perfumes, and home fresheners as it effectively covers up an unpleasant smell.

  • Vanilla

This absolute oil has a sweet and rich smell that needs to be warmed to make it pourable. It is used to make cake essences and for making perfumes and soaps.

  • Jasmine

It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a vital oil for skin-related issues. This oil is widely used in making attars as well.

  • Gardenia

This absolute oil is used for the regeneration of cells and for promoting faster healing. However, it is used to treat skin issues as well. 

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