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10 Best Essential Oils Brands

10 Best Essential Oils Brands

10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024 - Essential oils are emerging as an alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. These potent plant extracts are in huge demand as natural remedies for ailments. India is home to numerous essential oil providers, who are working dedicatedly to meet the high demand. So, let's go through a list of 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in USA 2024, to understand them and their services deeply. 

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that have been used for centuries for various purposes such as relaxing, healing, and as natural remedies for numerous health conditions. They are mainly used in Aromatherapy and massage therapy and are used to show marvelous results in improving sleep, decreasing anxiety, lowering pain, easing headaches, and fostering deeper relaxation. 

As people have become more health-conscious and prefer natural alternatives to synthetic products, the demand and use of essential oils are rapidly increasing. According to some industrial reports, the global essential oil market size was estimated to be US$ 10.69 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach US$ 21.54 billion by the year 2031, at a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period. However, it is very necessary to choose good quality essential oils and a brand for better effectiveness and safety.

10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024

The listed 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024 are known to offer a wide range of essential oils, by making Quality the most essential factor. In addition to this, all of their product range yields potential health benefits and follow all safety considerations. 

EOC ( Essential Oil Company )

Essential Oil Company is a dedicated name among the 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024 for offering exceptional quality essential oils, concretes, natural compounds, solvent extracts, attars, as well as items made from Indian agarwood and sandalwood. This company was established in the year 1975, and since then has been providing the finest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products that are 100% natural, therapeutic-grade, and botanical. 

USA Essential Oils Brands

To achieve unmatchable and extraordinary quality, all of their essential oils are 100% pure steam distilled and are free from carrier oils, alcohol, and other synthetic ingredients, giving them the most authentic and wonderful scent of their natural source.

Some of the Essential Oils Offered by EOC ( Essential Oil Company ) -

  • Aloe Vera Oil - Used in skin injuries, hair care, pain relief, and massage. 
  • Apricot Seed Oil - Used to moisturize skin, enhance skin texture and tone, and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Betel Leaf Oil - Used in skin care, hair care, aromatherapy, and insectifuge.
  • Cardamom Oil - Used for culinary purposes, aromatherapy, digestive support, and oral health. 
  • Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil -  Fungicidal and bactericidal 
  • Galbanum Oil - Anti-arthritic, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, circulatory, decongestant, detoxifier, insecticide, and anti-parasitic.
  • Kewra Oil - Aromatherapy 
  • Lavender Oil Super -  Aromatherapy and aromatic preparations
  • Rosemary Oil - For hair growth, boosts mental activity, relieves respiratory problems, and reduces pain.
  • Yarrow Oil - Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Rheumatic, Antiseptic, Anti-Spasmodic, Astringent, Digestive, Expectorant, Stomachic, Tonic, and others. 

    Address - Pardos Okas Enclave, Sushant Golf City, Ansal API, Lucknow, UP INDIA

    Bulk Apothecary -

    Bulk Apothecary is a leading name for offering pure and therapeutic-grade essential oils at the most cost-effective prices possible. They never sacrifice quality and deliver a range with amazing aromatherapeutic benefits. Since its inception in 2010, they have given a strong focus on superior quality and excellent customer service, helping them to establish meaningful relationships with millions of customers.

    Address - Bulk Apothecary, 115 Lena Drive, Aurora, Ohio, USA, 44202

    Wholesale Botanics -

    Wholesale Botanics is working by combining their vast experience of 50 years, in delivering top-notch quality essential oils. As a premier name among the 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024, they take pride in their commitment to quality, safety, and potency in their vast range of naturally derived essential oils, carrier oils, and other products. 

    Address - 10979 Guilford Road, Suite C, Annapolis Junction, Maryland, USA,  20701

    Plant Therapy -

    Plant Therapy is doing an exceptional job in meeting the high demand for clean and sustainable products, through its pure and clean essential oils range. Each of their product is a treasure chest of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is formulated with natural ingredients that cherish the skin while minimizing potential irritations or allergic flare-ups.

    Address - 621 Washington St. S. Suite 100Twin Falls, Idaho, USA, 83301

    Maple Holistics

    Maple Holistics is working innovatively and efficiently to help every hair, skin, and body type with their naturally derived creations. Being a cruelty-free brand they never test on animals and aim to make as many vegan products as possible. To deliver the best quality they source fine-quality ingredients from Australia, India, Brazil, and everywhere in between to ensure that as many nutrients and vitamins are preserved as possible.

    Address - Maple Holistics, 400 Central Avenue, Farmingdale, New Jersey, USA, 07727

    Sky Organics -  

    Sky Organics is another renowned name among the 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024, is known to formulate as few ingredients as possible, and they effectively deliver the desired benefits. This company is also deeply committed to minimizing its impact on the environment by limiting the use of Harmful Chemicals and Pesticides and promoting biodiversity, water conversion, and better soil quality. 

    Address - 475 East State Road, American Fork, Utah, USA, 84003

    Natural Riches -

    Natural Riches is always committed to bringing the most natural and authentic product range to their customers at the most cost-effective prices. They make sure that each of their products is of optimum quality, and purity and is free of artificial or dangerous ingredients, contributing to developing a brand's success and reputation among the 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024.

    Address - 17787 Puerto Oro Lane, California, USA, 92065.

    Young Living  -

    Young Living is empowering wellness through a holistic approach like essential oils and other natural products. Through their quality standards, they make sure that every drop of their essential oil is as pure and powerful as it gets. In addition to this, they also have set sustainability standards to protect our precious planet. 

    Address - 1538 W Sandalwood Dr, Lehi, Utah, United States, 84043

    Aura Cacia

    When it comes to pure and natural essential oils, Aura Cacia is prominent and comes to our mind. This company is highly dedicated to delivering high-quality essential oils to over the globe with integrity and botanical authority. For the last 30+ years, they have been using pure plant sources, conducting lab testing, and ensuring the safe use of essential oils for their true benefits. 

    Address - 5398 31st Avenue Urbana, Iowa, US

    doTERRA -

    The term “doTERRA” means “gift of the earth”. To stay true to their name they are delivering the highest quality essential oil range by maintaining the highest levels of quality, purity, and sustainability. Through their CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade products they are improving the well-being and health conditions of a huge population. 

    Address - 389 South 1300 West Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA, 84062


    Essential is emerging as a marvelous form of alternative medicine that offers great benefits in supporting health and well-being. The above-mentioned 10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024, are dependable and have built a solid reputation for offering natural remedies and aromatic experiences through their range of essential oils. 

    FAQs Regarding the “10 Best Essential Oils Brands in 2024”

    Question 1. What are the most popular types of essential oil available in the market? 

    Answer 1. You will be amazed to know that there are over 90+ essential oil types available in the market with unique aromas and benefits. Some of these are mentioned below.    

    • Ajwain oil
    • Almond oil
    • Argan oil
    • Blood orange oil
    • Chamomile oil
    • Jojoba oil
    • Lavender oil
    • Menthol oil
    • Moringa oil
    • Rose oil
    • Sage oil
    • Vanilla oil
    • Turmeric root oil
    Question 2. How essential oils are produced from plants?

    Answer 2. Essential oils are produced from the plant in the following ways.

    • Selecting the right plant
    • Extraction is done through steam distillation, cold-press extraction, and solvent extraction.
    • Separating the essential oil
    • Filtration and purification
    • Quality control procedures 
    • Packaging 
    • Storing and preserving 
    • Marketing 
    Question 3. What is meant by Grade A essential oil?

    Answer 3. Grade A essential oil is a variety of essential oils depending on the quality. These types are considered to be very pure and therapeutic. But are quite expensive as well,  because they are made from organically grown plants and distilled numerous times. 

    Question 4. What is the history of essential oils?

     Answer 4. Essential oils also hold a very interesting history. Some earlier records suggest that essential oils come from ancient India, Persia, and Egypt and have been used by many cultures for various purposes. These powerful extracts date back to 4500 BC when Egyptians used them for everything from cosmetics to mummification. You will be surprised to know, that many of the most popular essential oils used today including peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus – were first used by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

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