• The History Of Sandalwood

    The History Of Sandalwood
    The highly aromatic wood of the sandalwood tree is widely used in South Asia for religious and medicinal purposes and it is a prime source of incense and perfumes. The small tree is native to East Asia but has been known in the sub-continent for millennia. HistoryIn antiquity the Indian sub-continent was known to be the source and exporter of mainly luxury goods such...
  • Rose Attar (Gulab)

    Rose Attar (Gulab)
    The Rose, the Divine Flower of Love! India is a land redolent with aromatic plants. In each nook and corner of the country one finds various herbs, spices, woods, flowers, roots and grasses being grown for aromatic or medicinal purposes. Many of the plants that have a longer history in India also factor strongly into the cultural and religious lives of the country people....
  • Jasmine Oil - Natural Products

    Jasmine Oil - Natural Products
    This 100% Natural Jasmine Absolute Oil contains the essential oil Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) pre-diluted in a natural base of Grape Seed Oil. Grape Seed Oil is used because it is a light, natural oil with no noticeable odor that can be used on all skin types. Jasmine is one of the most revered of all fragrances, and has been used in the perfume industry...
  • Indian Sandalwood Oil

    Indian Sandalwood Oil
    Sandalwood (Santalum album) has been part of Indian culture and heritage for thousands of years, and was one of the first items traded with other countries. The heartwood yields fragrant oil, which is used mainly in the perfume industry but also has medicinal properties. The wood is used for carving and manufacturing incense. Generally S. album is found in the dry deciduous forests of Deccan Plateau, mostly in the...
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