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Sandalwood Oil - A Jewel of Natural Essential Oils

Nature is a very important part in human life. Essential oil is come from natural things. you can say it is soul of natural things. Sandalwood Oil is a Jewel of Natural Essential Oils.

The essential oil of sandalwood is obtained from the heartwood of tree. It have various species like santalum album and santalum spicatum, but the Indian origins santalum album sandalwood oil have monopoly in around the world. Indian Sandalwood is widely used in carving. you can find many carved things in market with sandalwood smell.

You can find Santalum Album (Indian Sandalwood) in the area of India and others nearest country as Nepal & Sri Lanka. In India, city Mysore (Karnataka) is famous all over the world for its quality. Sandalwood is also available in wild areas of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and others states of India.

The reason of short production of Sandalwood Oil are ...........................

1. Many trees of Sandalwood oil are illegally cut down, so government create many problems for distiller of Sandalwood oil.
2. Local Demands for Guthka & Tobacco are so high.
3. Many Supplier cheat to buyer with the different compounds of Sandalwood oil, so real distiller have lost confident & stop to distillation of Sandalwood oil.
4. Sandalwood oil is one of the most adulterated essential oils.
5. The cost of sandalwood oil is growing dramatically, (about 30% per year).

Sandalwood Oil Distillation

Steam distillation are used to extracted to Sandalwood oil. After unloading logs in factory, workers separate sapwood and heartwood from sandalwood logs. Then worker do Six inches piece of heartwood, then by the using of cutter machine piece turn to shape of powder. Now distillation ready to begin.

The worker fill this powder to a big copper's cauldron. Then Fireman start steam to cauldron from boiler. After 7 hours we separate "Trepans" from retort. It is necessary for find to good Santalol. Then after 24 hours we separate first reading of Sandalwood oil from retort, this process are continue to 7 to 10 days and after every 24 hours we separate sandalwood oil from water in retort. When distillation are finished then we make sandalwood oil 100% free from water with boiling. Now Pure Sandalwood Oil are ready to use for any perfumery, medicine, cosmetics and others industries.



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