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Fenugreek Oil: The Healthy Essential Oil

Fenugreek Oil: The Healthy Essential Oil

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used fenugreek for embalming mummies? It has now gained popularity due to its medicinal properties, as it is a storehouse of many vitamins and minerals. Fenugreek oil and even raw fenugreek have a huge place in Indian Ayurveda. And you will not be surprised if you are told that it is used to treat low libido problems.

As beneficial as the fenugreek seeds sound, the uses of its essential oil are also noteworthy. Fenugreek oil is used to treat skin and health-related issues. Listed below are some unbelievable uses of this miracle essential oil.

Fenugreek Oil Use

Uses of fenugreek oil

For breastfeeding women 

Fenugreek oil is highly recommended for women who are breastfeeding. As its consumption will help regulate the lactose flow and help provide their young ones with sufficient nourishment. It is considered as part of a home remedy but has proved to be effective for many mothers. Though, if you are allergic to it, it is better to consult a doctor before its consumption.

For stomach related issues

You can enhance the digestive health of the body by the intake of this essential oil. Fenugreek oil is used to treat disturbed bowel movements. It is also used to aid painful constipation, indigestion, and stomach inflammation. It is known to relax your inflamed tissues keeping your stomach happy and healthy.

For aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used individually or blended with other essential oils to provide a calming effect to the senses. The essential oils are either applied directly to the skin in diluted form or are put into a vaporizer. In aromatherapy, Fenugreek oil reduces high temperature and relaxes the nerves, aiding in high blood pressure.

For healthier kidney’s

The compounds found in this essential oil help in the proper functioning of the kidneys and pancreas. It is also beneficial for individuals suffering from diabetes, promoting the beta-cell condition and maintaining the glucose level in the blood. You can consume it in small amounts by mixing it with a carrier oil. Regular intake will bring your high sugar level to manageable levels. Although, you must consult a doctor before its usage.

For beautiful hair and flawless skin

Using fenugreek essential oil for your hair will help you get shiny and strong hair in no time. It will provide your hair with the nutrients it was lacking, making your hair stronger than ever. You can either apply it directly to your scalp or dilute it with another oil. It helps treat dandruff and dry hair as well. Moreover, it is great on the skin if you suffer from sensitive skin, acne, and blackheads. Worry not! All you have to do is, apply a little bit of this miracle oil, blended with a carrier oil, to enjoy its benefits.

Top Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

For breast enlargement and increasing testosterone levels

Women have used it for ages to enlarge their breasts and add firmness. Many of the breast enlargement oils in the market have fenugreek oil mixed with other oils. This oil has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction issues and other sexual disorders in men. 

Fenugreek oil has many health benefits that most people are not aware of. It is easily available in the market and online retail stores. But before buying, one should check the originality of the essential oil. Suppliers like Essential Oils Company provide authorized essential oils that are safe and organic. To know more about them, check them out at https://www.essentialoilscompany.com/.

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