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Agarwood Oil - My First Visit to Assam

Agarwood Oil - My First Visit to Assam

After visit in Maharashtra (For Sandalwood oil) I felt many hopeful when I got permission from my elder brother for visit our Assam. It permission are come to me from after many long time because In Assam state tarriest create many problems. They killed to "Hindi Man" (Man, who spoken Hindi). It is rural & wild area. And I was hearing that Assam have many rare & natural products, so I am so excited for visit that place.

So my helper and I are ready to visit for world's rare products area "Assam". When I reached in Guwahati. Atmosphere is more different from my hometown. When we reach in factory, I put my bag on room and ask my helper for visit distillation place. There Mr. Bahap (Cauldron Man) tell us all about aloes wood distillation. There I know all about distillation................

"It is true that Agarwood oil is the most rare & precious products on earth, but only distiller are know that Agarwood Oil is produced by steam distillation of generally low-grade agarwood chips and powder, High grade Agarwood chips use in only develop to Oud Chips (For Burn)."

Distillation method are begin with cut to small pieces of Agarwood chips, then pieces to wet for minimum 15 days in water, then after 15 days material are ready to distillation. Than in steel cauldron, we fill these materials and put fire under the cauldron. Now distillation is begin, by passing distillation period we find two different grades.

There I know Agar wood oil has only two grades. Grades are come from only distillation period.
Double Supper Grade: - After progress two/three days (Distillation), We find Double Supper Grade oil; Its Smell is so precious.
Supper Grade: - After Progress twelve/fifteen days (Distillation), We find Supper Grade oil; Smell is some different from 1st grades.

There are many supplier gave unique name to his products for create new market, so my friend, my suggestion to interested person are that please first check tiny sample like 1ML from any supplier before parches. I am very disappointed last night when I know that a supplier of Agarwood oil are cheats my Canada's friend with something else instead of Agarwood oil. Why they people are want to destroy to a market of Holy Agarwood oil? Then buyers are also lost trust to real distiller.

Please wait, here a name of Agarwood - Boya Paste come in mind.

Agarwood Boya Paste obtains from raw wood of agarwood. Its is one cheapest Agarwood oil in the line of Agarwood oil. Its appearance are just like wax and can be used in cream & others products. Price is low then above all grade. Boya Paste cannot be using a perfume, because it is so thick as wax & unable to put on skin. So please confirm all about products & properties before parches.

Below is Specification of Agarwood oil from my personal experience.

Appearance: brown semi solid
Odor: Aromatic sweet-spicy fresh odor
Boiling Point: 95°C
Flash Point: 170°C
Freezing Point: 22°C

You can find incredible smell of Agarwod oil with put the oil at Sunlight per day. (Front at Sun)
I am hope that my articles can help to your search of Natural Products.

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