• Essential Oils

    Essential Oils


    Essential oils are used in perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics, incense, medicine, household cleaning products, and for flavoring food and drink. They are valuable commodities in the fragrance and food industries.

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  • Skin Safety

    Skin Safety


    Great power comes great responsibility, Essential Oils contain very concentrated properties of the herb or plant they are derived from. A very small amount of EOs often has the qualities of many cups of herbal tea from the same plant.

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  • Incredible Indian Attar

    Incredible Indian Attar


    Attar is a word, taken by Persian language, means are perfume, fragrance, Scent or essence. It is different from Essential Oil, Essential Oil are a real oil of herbs & plant but we can say attar an a perfumery compounds of natural essential oils & herbs.

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Pure Essential Oils